Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Delay of Game

Tonight we were to be admitted for an induction. Laurie called at the assigned time and was told to call back in 20 minutes. Twenty minutes later she called and was told to call back in another 20. The next time she called back she was told, "Don't call us again, we'll call you in 20." 45 minutes later I called, and after 10 minutes on hold, was told to call back tomorrow morning at 8. They were insufficiently staffed to admit us tonight.

We understand that inductions take a back seat to natural births, but it still makes for a bit of a let down. Its like being called to battle stations only to be told, "Stand down. This was only a drill." I know the disappointment is even greater for my wife. Still, we're fine, the baby is fine and he will get here eventually.

For now we're focusing on the silver lining of one more night in our own bed and the possibility that the delay might allow nature to take its course. As we marched around the mall in preparation for the night's festivities Laurie had three really good contractions.

I probably won't provide another update until we've actually been admitted. In the meantime we thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.

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