Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Same as the Old Boss

I doubt anything I type here will add much to the national discussion that's currently taking place about Blago's arrest. However, while doing research on the previous governor's arrest I happened across this little gem of a website - www.congressionalbadboys.com. It's a witty compendium of our nation's history of Congressional malfeasance. I've just started exploring it so I'm not sure what all is in there. It appears they've divided it up into sections dedicated to classes of political corruption.

Some of the more interesting section titles are "Congressman and Teenagers", "Congressman Who Ended Up in Jail (The Prison Caucus)", and my favorite "Do They All Come from New Jersey?: BadBoys--state by state." There is even a "Partisan Scorecard" that, despite the Republicans' recent rash of scandals, shows they still trail Democrats 56 to 26 when it comes to the number of BadBoys from 1975 to the present. Which only makes sense considering Republicans have controlled congress for only 8 of those 33 years (6 really considering the Dems achieved a narrow majority in '06).

So, my fellow Illinois-ians take heart. Congress is still a way dirtier place than Springfield and maybe even Chicago. Maybe.

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